Has a great separated room to hold banquets ... read more
Bryan Lillehaugen via - Apr 20, 2018
It's nice, food is ok ... read more
Jeff Hahn via - Apr 19, 2018
Good service and the food is great.
richard stein via - Apr 18, 2018
Great place yo bring baby for family lunches.. There was enough space for the baby carrier and wasn't too loud! Taco salad was the bomb too!
Mol Christofore via - Apr 16, 2018
Good pizza for those who are stuck with family who want Mexican food and you don't like Mexican food ... read more
Aaron Zech via - Apr 16, 2018
How can this place have only two ...
How can this place have only two and a half Stars?! I can't say enough good things about it. Had a great time last night with my family and friends and everybody was in agreement that this place really does it up right. It's been around for years and has stood the test of time because they have great food and great staff and an authe ... read more
Joshua H. via - Apr 14, 2018
I love the layout of the restaurant ...
I love the layout of the restaurant. It's fairly dim and it smells really good. I really enjoyed their food. I got fajitas and my fiancee got chimmichonga? The waitresses we're on time and prepared and very pleasant to be around. I'm extremely impressed with the quality of their service and their food. I'm shocked that they only have ... read more
Nikki N.tfyttebubaudbbyrdbbfsrtsyedwxutay via - Apr 13, 2018
Great food and drinks. Good atmosphere.
Cathie Lancette via - Apr 12, 2018
Why you all hating on the Ol' Mex?!!! ...
Why you all hating on the Ol' Mex?!!! Two for ones, a bar of unusual height with 90 degree angles. Pull tabs. Locals. Hot chicks. This place is a flipping paradise! Go change them negative reviews you hate soaked losers!!!
Steven W. via - Apr 12, 2018
Been going here since I was a kid, as it's a Como/Roseville neighborhood staple. Food is hit n miss and honestly, overpriced for what you get. Drinks are usually strong, but its been obvious before that they need to keep up on cleaning their beer lines more, as I've gotten some off beer before. If you do go, ask to be seated in Ric ... read more
Jeremy Rucinski via - Apr 11, 2018
Only there for drinks and appetizers.
The seven of us arrived about 9:30 after an event at the college. We came to have margaritas and appetizers. There were about 20 people there up at the bar. I read on internet that drinks were all 2 for 1 at that time. But...More ... read more
mecredyd via - Apr 11, 2018
Good brunch ... read more
Rebecca Turner-hylton via - Apr 10, 2018
Old school tex mex. No flair and plating. Just good food for a good price ... read more
Robert Kraft via - Apr 9, 2018
Ok good ... read more
Jody Meister via - Apr 8, 2018
Good food, quick service. It's a very large restaurant with lots of different rooms so it doesn't feel crowded and we seldom have to wait long for a table.
JoAnn Hansen via - Apr 7, 2018
I have been going to this restaurant for over 30+ years. It feels like going home. My mom lives near it and so it has become a restaurant we use for all types of occasions. From Baby showers to Celebration of Life. Went there 2 weeks ago to Celebrate Easter with my mom and one of my brothers. The Food, Service and total experience w ... read more
Jill Kegler via - Apr 7, 2018
Beautiful, deep, richly decorated eating areas. Excellent food.
Woody Dahlberg via - Apr 7, 2018
The atmosphere on inside it's surprising from the outside. The womens bathroom needs to be cleaned especially the vents black dust is falling out of it. The service was good and friendly. This trip around 230 pm. I have been there in the past at 10 pm and the waite staff seemed as though have another customer was a bother. The food ... read more
Amy Larsen via - Apr 4, 2018
The food was okay. The buffet had a variety of Mexican and other foods, turkey, fish and chicken.
Claire Press via - Apr 2, 2018
Easter Sunday brunch
The restaurant was packed with guests. The $15 price was a big incentive. We were seated in 20 minutes. The buffet had two rows of food. Traditional breakfast, Turkey, ham and dressing with all of the trimmings. They had the traditional Mexican fare in the...More ... read more
stephen s via - Apr 1, 2018
Only place I know with strong margaritas . Food is good but margaritas are the best !
Tracie Borich via - Mar 30, 2018
Fun to visit. Nice ambiance.
Kari P via - Mar 24, 2018
Still good after all these years!!
Doug Gramstad via - Mar 24, 2018
Nice restaurant & great happy hour.
Last time I went to Ol' Mexico was about 35 years ago. It's still as good as it was then and I'm not sure why I haven't been in so long. Our group of 12 received excellent, friendly service. Nice bar with 2 for 1...More ... read more
Helen R via - Mar 24, 2018
My visit was perfecto, so we're the fajitas!!! Paul Steinhagen ... read more
Paul Steinhagen via - Mar 23, 2018
Good place for a Margarita and the food is fine.
Hans Thomsen via - Mar 22, 2018
Love it ... read more
Shemiah Walker via - Mar 22, 2018
Place keeps going down hill. Food is not terrible, but way too much for the mediocre food.
Jim Shoe via - Mar 18, 2018
Same as it ever was. Plus pull tabs!
Tim Nelson via - Mar 17, 2018
Some friends and I came here to ...
Some friends and I came here to grab dinner before heading to a movie. It was a good stop & I'm not disappointed that we came here. The food tasted good, not spectacular but definitely better than ok. I had the fajita burro & it was tasty but predictable. The prices were high for what we got but not outrageous. It's close by & the ma ... read more
Taylor L. via - Mar 17, 2018
Great value.  I usually go for ...
Great value.  I usually go for a burrito plate, but sometimes I order a salad.  The portions are generous, and the price is reasonable. Also a fun atmosphere.  Not a place for fine dining, but a place to take the family if you are looking for value.
Dan A. via - Mar 16, 2018
Fair service average food ... read more
Kevin Dorsch via - Mar 15, 2018
First time I went here to have lunch with my sister a few days ago, we were greeted by the most ple
First time I went here to have lunch with my sister a few days ago, we were greeted by the most pleasant server (Johnny). She was awesome! Very friendly, made sure our food came quick. I ordered the steak quesadillas my sister had a burger, food was delicious! I'll definitely be back for the buffet special too � ... read more
Tabia Johnson via - Mar 14, 2018
Forgot all about this gem. We happened ...
Forgot all about this gem. We happened to stop on a Wednesday  $ 5.00 margaritas  your choice.  And did I mention 2 for 1 happy hour. The food was excellent and priced well.
Jim M. via - Mar 14, 2018
Buffet is of good quality and many selections. Margarita's are made pretty good as well.
Aaron Smith via - Mar 13, 2018
Food was well prepared, it just had little character.
James Radtke via - Mar 12, 2018
Disliked the food taco bell in nice environment the margaritas and alcohol was the only good thing there ... read more
Alan Robinson via - Mar 12, 2018
I go there once a month for meetings with the car club I'm a member of. We get a room to ourselves. The wait staff is great!!! The food is ok and the prices are on the highish side of moderate. However, they have been very accomodating to our car club. So, I just plan on spending a little once a month during the meeting.
LENNY KUKURUZA via - Mar 9, 2018
Seems like a very small menu. Wait staff does not hurry to help you.
Sara Harrington via - Mar 9, 2018
One of my few favorite places. You have a variety of food along with their tasty Mexican. I love the buffet. It's not open long, I believe 11a til til 2p. Drinks are extra, but they have good sweets. Holiday buffets are spendy.
Christine Larson via - Mar 8, 2018
Nice staff, the food is alright.
Noel Voss via - Mar 8, 2018
The Chimichongas are poppin here ... read more
Julian Rosario via - Mar 8, 2018
Food is excellent! Service was sub par.
Rachelle Reitan via - Mar 7, 2018
Great service and large portions of tasty food. Convenient location Clean ... read more
Patricia Kampa via - Mar 6, 2018
Best margaritas in town! When visiting, we always make sure we go for happy hour after 9PM. Two for 1 drinks at this time but they must be identical drinks and flavors; ie a pair of watermelon margaritas. In the last 3 years of visits, i can rest assured my drink will taste the same and provide similar effects. Make sure you get the ... read more
Cheng Lo via - Mar 5, 2018
Happy hour is bomb!!
Mitchell Lolar via - Mar 4, 2018
I enjoyed the regular Mexican food catered to American palates. There was nothing fancy. It's tacos and enchiladas and chimichangas with a nice liquor selection. Good food with big portions at a reasonable price.
Donald Whipple Fox via - Mar 2, 2018
Good prices and service, great food.
Matthew Milliman via - Feb 28, 2018
Deep fried Ice cream ... read more
Kyle Feiner via - Feb 28, 2018
Mmmm, definitely recommend the Macho Burro and Raspberry Margaritas!
Krystal Mortensen via - Feb 23, 2018
First time I went to this restaurant ...
First time I went to this restaurant. They have a buffet for around $14-15 but I decided to order off the menu. I got the Mucho Burro and it was amazing! It comes with rice and beans as the sides. The burrito was so big I wasn't able to finish it. Also the Korean bbq chicken wings are a must!
Faith H. via - Feb 23, 2018
Be careful if you have a private party in the party room - they add gratuity automatically and tend not to give you a receipt, so you wont know it (hoping for a double tip). Shady.
Thomas Martin via - Feb 22, 2018
Not as good of food as on years past. Service was great ... read more
Patty Schwerr via - Feb 21, 2018
Lots of bar seating, buzztime trivia, and two for one drinks. Average Mexican food, chips and salsa included.
Heather Hegi via - Feb 21, 2018
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